Welcome to Wisdom Foods!

Stop spending money on synthetic supplements you may not need or be able to utilize.

Wisdom Foods is a family owned independent nutrition company offering a focused range of services to efficiently and effectively assess your dietary and nutritional status through blood work assessment, dietary analysis, and symptom surveys.

One of the most focused and effective assessment tools to determine an individual's nutritional status is blood work assessment. Blood work assessment gives a clear and current picture of a person's overall health and nutritional status.

After looking at your current blood work, health complaints and symptoms from a nutritional perspective, our nutritionist is able to determine your individual biochemistry and supplement needs.  We can then recommend the best supplements based on your individual biochemistry and lifestyle.

Utilizing a healthy whole foods approach to diet and an effective quality whole food supplement program specific to your needs, Wisdom Foods makes your diet and supplement program focused and easy!

Why do you need to take supplements?

It is estimated at least 90% of Americans are deficient in one or more essential nutrients.

What supplements do you individually need?

When choosing what vitamins and minerals that you need, it is important to get a professional nutritional evaluation to determine your individual needs for specific vitamins and minerals. We recommend natural, whole food supplements.

Why do we recommend natural whole foods supplements?

Synthetic supplements created and isolated in a laboratory lack the essential co-factors that occur naturally in food. Therefore, they are not absorbed, digested and utilized as well as natural whole food supplements. Natural whole food supplements contain specific vitamins and minerals you need in a natural food base. Essentially you are taking in small amounts of organically grown food concentrated in the essential vitamins and minerals you need. Remember more is not always better....

*"Wisdom Foods provides assessment from a nutritional perspective. Wisdom Foods does not diagnose or treat disease. Please always seek the advice of a trained physician for medical advice, diagnosis, or medical treatment."